Take Care of your Tyres in Heavy Rain

With all the heavy rain the UK is currently experiencing, now is a great time to ensure you’re taking care when driving.

One check that is essential to make when road conditions are bad is a tyre inspection. If your tyres are getting worn, not only is performance and fuel efficiency affected, the risk of aquaplaning is also increased. Aquaplaning is when a layer of water forms between your vehicle’s wheels and the road, resulting in a loss of traction. This can lead issues applying to the brakes and steering, ultimately meaning you lose control of the vehicle.

Tyres that have a tread-depth of below 3mm are more likely to be affected by wet roads and those that are below 1.6mm are illegal.

TyreSafe, a leading organisation for tyre safety, recommends a simple test that all motorists can carry out to check their tyres. Insert a 20p coin into the tread and if its outer band is visible, the tyres will need closer checking by a qualified technician to determine if they need changing.

With the wet weather showing no signs of abating soon, now is a great time to ensure you’re staying safe with roadworthy tyres.​